Sardinia, Italy

The main water connecting canal feeded by the Medio Flumendosa Rivers needed in-depth refurbishment in 2011. Some parts of the canal required to be new constructed.

Sika Solutions

Sika could convince with a proven system build-up consisting of the repair of damaged concrete structure, integral sealing of joints and gaps and finally, protection of the concrete structure with the waterproofing mortar Sikalastic®-1K.

Products Used

Sikalastic®-1K (150,000 kg)
Sika® Waterbar (about 3,000 m)
Sikadur® Combiflex ® (200 m)
Sikadur®-32 (250 kg)
SikaRep® & Sika Monotop®-627 (80,000 kg)
Sika MonoTop®-621 (70,000 kg)
Sikagard®-550 W (200 kg)
Sikaflex® PRO-3

Project Participants

Project Owner
Ente Acque Della Sardegna

Supervisor Team (ENAS)
Ing. Pillai Pietro, Geom. Caredda Bruno
Per. Ind. Melis Salvatore
Per. Ind. Zara Giorgio

Sika Organization
Sika Italia S.p.A.